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​WPYP Mission Statement

"The Wesley Parrott Youth Programs, Inc. provides underserved youth with the essenstial and engaging life skills programs and services that increases their academic and social achievment and develops a higher education and career embracing culture."

History of the WPYP


"The Wesley Parrott Youth Programs, Incorporated is a premier youth-centered organization in which the pursuit of higher education is the expectation"

The Wesley Parrott Youth Program was founded and incorporated in 1988 under the name of the Zeta Zeta Lambda Alpha Phi Alpha Youth Programs, Incorporated to address the rising need for more educational, afterschool, recreational and social activities for youth in the Queens community. In November of 2010 a decision was made by the Board of Director to rename the organization to the Wesley Parrot Youth Programs, Incorporated. Mr. Wesley Parrott was one of the founding members of this organization and the first Executive Director.


Current programs offered are designed to stimulate, motivate and influence youth. They are designed to orient them towards positives ideas, goals and achievements and the improvement of quality of life within their respective communities. Services we offer provide primary and secondary intervention services to reduce school dropout rates, and improve academic excellence while combating anti-social behavior in youth. Other services offered include ; individual guidance, discussion groups, anger management workshops, homework assistance, recreational activities, inter/intra cultural relations, conflict resolution, effective communication, positive decision making, leadership and career exploration, health awareness and SAT tutoring.


In collaboration with the Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and the Alpha Phi Alpha Senior Citizens Center, scholarships are awarded annually to high school graduates and current college students.


​WPYP Objectives

To assist youth in reaching thier full potential by providing prevention, intervention, mentoring and tranistional services.


To promote and prepare students for post-secondary education and training opportunities with focus on three core values: character, performance and achievement.


To secure private and public funding from a variety of resources who support our mission.


To provide a continuum of quality, culturally sensitive, child-centered and family focused programs.


To strengthen the connection of childrens to the community by maximizing their life skills in preparation for transition into independent living.


To collaboatate with other youth-centered organizations to advocate and coordinate services.


To foster a tranparent and collaborative partnership with Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Senior Citizen Center, and Zeta Zeta Lambda Company.

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